Some currated list of useful aws CLI commands.

API Gateway

desc command
get-domain-names $ aws apigatewayv2 get-domain-names


desc command
get parameter $ aws --profile default ssm get-parameter --with-decryption --name "<ssm path>"
put parameter $ aws ssm put-parameter --name <path> --value <value> --type SecureString --key-id <KMS key ID>


desc command
tail for CF events $tail-stack-events -f --die -n 5 --region <region> -s <stack name>


desc command
receive one message $ aws sqs receive-message --queue-url <queue url> --region <region>
get attributes of queue $ aws sqs get-queue-attributes --queue-url <queue url> --region <region> --attribute-names All

desc command
put item aws dynamodb put-item --table-name tiddlers --item file://items.json --endpoint
list tables aws dynamodb list-tables --endpoint-url http://localhost:8000
scan aws dynamodb scan --table-name tiddlers --endpoint